Introducing... Starlight Photo Booth!

Photo Booth Rentals for San Diego

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photo booth rental is a great addition to any event. A photo booth at your celebration will not only snap pictures of fantastic memories, the experience will actually become a part of the entertainment for the evening. From the moment we turn it on, you will hear laughter and see your guests having fun.

Not All Photo Booths Are Created Equal

I did a lot of research on photo booths, and I have started a photo booth rental company with the best booths on the market!  I found 2 major problems with most photo booths in my research. First, the size of most booths limits the number of people who can fit in a picture to 3. Secondly, the appearance of the booth itself is limited and can't be changed. The solution to these problems is the Starlight Photo Booth. It can be used out in the open, with no surrounding booth at all, or with a back drop, or with a fully enclosed pipe and drape system. We can even design a swanky photo lounge just for your event.

What Makes Our Photo Booths Unique?

First of all, the design options are better than any on the market. On one end of the spectrum, we can have a booth with literally no backdrop, just out in the open, using the surrounding area as the backdrop. On the other end, we can design a photo loungue, complete with a pipe and drape system, lounge furniture and light fixtures. In addition to the unique design of our Starlight Photo Booth, we can also put custom graphics and text on each photo strip! Imagine your name or company logo on the top of every strip, and the date of the event on the bottom. The design possibilities are literally limitless.

To reserve a photo booth, please contact me at (619) 944-5565, or or check the availability with the date checker below. You will be taken to a contact form if we have a booth available.

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