Welcome aboard!

Ahoy Hornblower clients! This page is your resource for planning the music for your event. To log into your account, and begin creating your song list and filling out your worksheet, CLICK HERE. Your password can be found in the same email that linked you to this page. However, I recommend you read the following advice before starting.

Advice on Making a Song List

Once you log into your account and click the "My Event" tab, you'll find a link that says "Request Music." My advice is don't hold back! Pick as many songs as you like. Even if you pick more music than we have time to play, it gives me a lot of choice to take the party in different directions and get everyone on the dance floor. Also remember I'll be playing music throughout the cocktail hour and dinner, so they don't all have to be dance songs. Mix it up.

Advice on Filling Out Your Worksheet

Any worksheet that applies to your event will appear below the "Request Music" link. My advice is to fill out as much as you can. When you get stuck, contact me for help. Knowing what you left blank on your worksheet will tell me exactly how I can help you.

Check out these Sweet Upgrades!

I offer a few upgrades to make your event more fun and more memorable. See these options below. You can book them right here on this web site. Thanks for looking!

Dance Floor Light Show

Add fun and excitement with a light show for the dance floor. Sound activated LED bars of light chase to the music and change colors and patterns. It's a sure fire way to increase the amount of dancing at your event. See a video of the lights set up on Emerald here. See a video of the lights set up on High Spirits here.

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Wireless Mic on a Stand

Let them hear you over the sound of the wind and the waves, or be heard in the huge room at The Abbey. You can use it for a wedding ceremony to amplify the officiate and the vows, or for speeches at a company event, or for performances.

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Photo Booth

I also offer a photo booth that fits on any Hornblower yacht, plus the Abbey. Every guest gets a copy of the photos they're in. There's no limit on prints. We bring fun props like hats, glasses, signs and more. Each photo strip is custom printed with your logo, message or names as a souvenir for your guests. If you would like a quote on a photo booth and ideas on where to set it up for your event, please contact your sales person at Hornblower and tell them you are interested in one of DJ Tim's fun photo booths.