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I Went To Vegas and All I Got Was This Awesome Photo Booth

Everywhere you turned, the exhibit hall was packed with photo booth manufacturers at the 2011 DJ conference (MBLVXX) in Las Vegas. The offerings ranged from a wooden box on a tripod, to an all metal booth with shiny, fleck filled automotive-type paint, and everything in between. The manufacturer of the booth we already own was there, with sparsely clothed models dancing around his exhibit space. This was our first stop. Not because of the models, but because we had already decided that we were going to buy a 2nd booth. 2010 was awesome for photo booth bookings, and 2011 looks even better. It was just a matter of negotiating a price and delivery terms. But when it came time to get some questions answered, we couldn't get the time of day. It seemed the photo booth guy was too busy delighting in the company of his barren-buttcheeked models. Ok, I guess I don't blame him, but we were there for business. We decided to try again later and have a look around.  

It's a good thing we did. If it hadn't been for the half dressed honeys, we would have missed out on the booth we ended up purchasing. We were just passing time when a photo booth salesman from a different company pulled us out of the aisle. He quickly showed us all the features of the booth, each one more impressive than the last. But I think I made up my mind when he showed us that the photo booth also records video clips! A brilliant feature that is missing from all other photo booths. We knew we had a unique opportunity to bring a product to market that is generations ahead of what's out there. Andy and I did some deliberating, but not much. We knew that even though it cost about double what we were expecting to spend, this was the booth for Starlight Photo Booth

In keeping with the company name and theme, Andy thought we should call it The Galaxy Photo Booth. Even the paint job fits with the theme of the company, it's called (coincidentally) "Starry Night." The booth is all metal, and the black automotive paint job has a metal fleck in it. Any cholo would be proud to have this paint job on his '64 Impala. The Galaxy Photo Booth is beautiful, and can be used in the open like our current booth, or in the traditional Arcade configuration. 


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Posted on March 11, 2011 and filed under DJ Industry.