I'm So Sick Of Starbucks, I Got An Office!

We FINALLY signed the lease on an office in East Mission Valley! I no longer have to submit myself to the judgment of the skinny-jean wearin', MySpace account havin' hipsters in the employ of Starbucks. I just know they are thinking "Really? You're going to buy a bottle of water and take up a table here for 90 minutes? Really?" They say "really" a lot. 

We did it mostly because it makes sense. Aside from the suck factor of meeting at Starbucks, we have some upgrades that really need to be seen, rather than explained. Uplights, monogram projector, and best of all... two photo booths! 

On a personal note, I really hope having the office will help draw a line between work time and personal time. Working from home tends to blur the line and burn me out. I want to work at work, and be a normal person at home. I'm seriously considering removing my home office so I'm not so tempted to sit here for hours at a time, writing blog posts about hipsters.

The space is located on Mission Gorge Place, right off of Mission Gorge Road. It's a great central location. We will have two tenants sharing the space, a wedding coordinator and a photographer. We will definitely have some events surrounding the grand opening, I'll keep everyone posted. 

Posted on March 21, 2011 .