I've been having fun with the photo booth!

Many of my friends have been asking me how the new photo booth rental venture is going, so here's an update for everyone. We've had great success with the photo booth so far, and we've only had it a few months. My favorite part of the new business is working the booth myself. I really don't consider it work at all, it's too much fun! We've had the booth out at weddings, corporate events, fund raisers and schools. Here's some pictures of the results.

 You've got to love the props!

 Notice the large groups we can fit in our booth.

This is the co-owner of the booth, Andy and me. 

Brilliant design! This is why we can fit such large group shots. We're not limited by a tiny wooden structure.


Starlight Photo Booth

Posted on June 29, 2010 and filed under Fun/Oddities.