Unique Wedding, Unique Location

Kyle and Christina's wedding at the Abbey was a blast! Of course the DJ would say that, but it's true. Kyle and Christina wanted an all out dance party for their group of 150 close friends and family. We blew it out with a few classics from all decades, then hip hop and pop music the rest of the night.


Their maid of honor, Kelsey, did a really cool thing for the toast. She emailed Kyle and Christina ahead of time and asked each of them to tell their own version of the engagement story. Hearing both stories, told from different perspectives was hilarious. All the guests were rolling with laughter.


I also heard about something fun Kyle did for the groomsmen. Instead of giving each groomsmen a flask, or mug or whatever you usually give your groomsmen, he gave each of them a caricature drawing. He provided pictures of each groomsmen to an artist, along with some personal information about their occupations and hobbies. He presented them at the rehersal dinner, so I didn't see them, but I heard they were very funny. What a great idea!


The Abbey is a beautiful and unique location. The dual level building is perfect for having your cocktail hour, ceremony and reception all in one place. The staff there is attentive and professional. The food is amazing.

The photographer was Van Johnson from Image Zero. I notced he made full use of the uniqueness of the location. He got an amazing group shot of everyone on the dancfloor, taken from a balcony on the 2nd level of the Abbey. I'll post a copy here if he doesn't mind.

Posted on August 16, 2009 .