TED Talks, Ideas Worth Spreading

What if you could gather the most interesting and influential people in the world, and give them 18 minutes to present their best ideas to a global audience? That's exactly the idea behind the TED conference. TED's tag line is "ideas worth spreading." 

I found this video of Julian Treasure speaking at TED about the 4 ways sound affects us. He says that music is the most powerful type of sound that affects our emotional state. I know from my experience as a DJ that great music has a profound impact on an event. I try to play great music all night long, not just for dancing. Because great music affects emotions, mood and inhibitions, I try to plant the seeds of a good time from the first song I play, until the last. 

The presenters at TED are great, but the format of the conference is brilliant too. Julian, like many of the TED speakers, didn't even need the full 18 minutes allotted to him to make his point. He made this fast paced presentation in under 6 minutes. It may seem counter intuitive, but I believe this short format is the perfect way to discuss big ideas. It forces the speaker to focus on only the most interesting and important aspects of their idea. 

Posted on November 20, 2009 and filed under Fun/Oddities.